How Bernie Sanders dominated the Democratic debate, in charts

Support for Hillary Clinton among Democratic voters under 50 has tanked in the past month, according to a new Monmouth University poll.

After those two states, the race moves to Nevada and South Carolina, which have more diverse voting populations and where polls show Clinton leading. Massachusetts' primary will be held on March 1. Eight years ago, the primary fight here between Clinton and Obama was bitter and tinged with racial overtones.

Clintons debating performance is formidable because it combines her intelligence with a sincerity and level of conviction that often seem absent in other forums. Look, I think on the health care issue - while Bernie Sanders did have a plan and it was released, what it actually does is open more doors.

Clinton made her pitch in Toledo, Iowa, imploring voters to pay careful attention to what is possible - and what is not - as they decide whether to support her or Sanders' bid.

Republicans welcomed the opening Clinton provided for them to cast her White House run as a bid for a third Obama term.

"She is trying to live within the realm of the possible and not become a fantasist the way that Bernie has", said Matt Bennett, a Democratic consultant in Washington who worked on both Clintons' campaigns.

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tangled repeatedly in Sunday night's presidential debate over who's tougher on gun control and Wall Street and how to steer the future of health care in America. We've accomplished so much already I do not want to see the Republicans repeal it and I don't want to see us start over again with a contentious debate. In addition to differences between the two with health care, one area where there was great debate was gun control. Espinoza suggests the race between Sanders and Clinton has benefited the party by drawing some attention back from the GOP nomination race.

One thing worth noting is that when Bernie Sanders was given an opportunity to make personal, character attacks due to Bill Clinton's history of infidelity, he refused to take the bait. Day on the steps of the South Carolina statehouse - which, for the first time, was celebrated with no Confederate flag flying overhead.

What led to the exchange Sanders had with moderator and MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell was an answer the senator gave during a Jan. 8 town hall meeting in Iowa, CNN reports.

When Sanders noted bluntly that he hadn't taken campaign contributions from Wall Street banks or lucrative speaking fees from Goldman Sachs - unlike Clinton - the former secretary of state tried to turn it into an attack on Obama. For Clinton, that meant a return to Iowa where Sanders is now running neck-and-neck with her, with just two weeks until the caucuses.

"Senator Sanders called him weak, disappointing".


Sanders, of course, was the only one of the stage who could have voted to deregulate in 2000. But the plan would raise taxes on Americans across the board and require a 6.2 percent health care payroll tax on businesses, while slapping taxpayers with a 2.2 percent "premium" based on income. On the heels of the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal, Clinton said she was "very pleased" to be a part of it. She praised Obama's 2013 decision to back off his "red line" with Assad over chemical weapons use, and instead engage the Russians in an agreement to ship out Assad's chemical weapons stockpile.

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