Nintendo shares rise 16% due to Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go is available on Google Playstore and Apple's App Store in the US, Japan and Australia, Philippines, New Zealand and is coming soon in India, Singapore, Germany, Taiwan, Indonesia and Britain. After just a few days, the game has rocketed to the top of the Play Store, including the list of top grossing apps.

More and more Pokemon Go players on iOS devices are complaining on online forums that the update pushed out by Niantic Labs is causing them to receive a new error reading "unable to authenticate".

New mobile game Pokemon Go has become an overnight sensation with United States fans but also played a role in armed robberies in Missouri, the discovery of a body in Wyoming and minor injuries to fans distracted by the app.

Pokemon GO, the long-awaited mobile "augmented reality" game, is finally out, and it's been a windfall for Nintendo.

There's a ton of reasons people love Pokemon GO.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game where you travel around your city, country or even the world searching for wild Pokemon to catch, level up and then use to fight.

Thank you for your incredible response and support of Pokémon GO!

"If Pokemon Go's initial public reception is anything to go by, its ability to draw players from multiple generations and varied gaming backgrounds together is a game worthy of attention", said Miguel Concepcion. "Other risks this game exposes are physical risks to actual life and limb", the report said. You look through your phone's camera to see them superimposed over wherever you happen to be. Players should be respectful of others' private property.

Communicate with your family or friends to let them know where you plan on going and what time they should expect you back home.

The UK's children charity expressed concerned following some (rare) cases of the game being used for nefarious means, including robbers using the game to lure victims, and in one case people wandering into a sex shop in Plymouth.

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