Obama says he will allow his daughters join the military

President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington Tuesday Jan. 12 2016

President Obama arrives at RIC ahead of town hall at Fort Lee

Obama called it a "sort of manufactured" issue.

Col. Adam Butler, who served in Afghanistan and is the Fort Lee Garrison Commander, asked Obama how he could prevent gains made there from being lost when United States troops leave, as happened in Iraq. While the event was hardly hostile, neither was it a rosy walk in the park.

Asked by a Gold Star mother on Wednesday evening why he didn't use the term "radical Islamic terrorism", the president said he didn't want to validate the viewpoints of extremists.

In one of the last town halls of his presidency, Barack Obama challenged the man who may yet be elected to replace him: Donald Trump.

Obama said he'd be offended if his religion, Christianity, was being demonized in the same way.

"But what I have been careful about when I describe these issues is to make sure that we do not lump these murderers into the billion Muslims that exist around the world including in this country, who are peaceful, who are responsible, who, in this country, are fellow troops and police officers and firefighters and teachers and neighbors and friends", Obama said. Asked if he ever second-guessed his military decisions, Obama said, "There hasn't been a week that's gone by that I haven't reexamined our options", adding that he routinely consults with critics of his policies.

In the case of Syria, Obama says it would take large numbers of troops to "stop a civil war in which both sides are deeply dug in", and "unless we can get the parties involved to recognize that they are just burning their country to the ground, and get it on a diplomatic and political track, frankly, there's going to be a limit to what we can do". "I want Mr. Kaepernick and others who are on a knee, I want them to listen to the pain that that may cause somebody who, for example, had a spouse or a child who was killed in combat and why it hurts them to see somebody not standing", Obama said.

From my perspective, it matters what we do more than what we say. Following the July attack in Nice, France, Trump said it was high time for Obama to call attacks from ISIS "radical Islamic terrorism", saying the president would never be able to tackle terrorism without "defining it".

"That then makes them feel they are under attack". "You can see in some of the language that in talking about Muslim Americans here". We have increased the funding for mental health services since I've been president by 75 percent.

Donna Coates, the widow of cancer victim Barry Coates, told Obama she believed nothing at the Department of Veterans Affairs has changed since he waited more than a year for a colonoscopy and subsequently died of cancer. But that doesn't mean that we can't scrutinize those who wish to come to the U.S., and we certainly have to start pressing the truth of the problem of radical Islam if we want to come to grips with its danger and consequences. "Our personnel are better, better trained and more focused and exhibit excellence every day", Obama said.

"If you're perceived as voting against 9/11 families right before an election, not surprisingly, that's a hard vote for people to take", he said.

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