Canada Reminds America It's Already Great, Trump Can Go To Rest

Canadians want to

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During one of the most interesting political elections in recent history, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have made headlines for countless debate moments, campaign angles, comments and scandals.

In tandem with the video, the Garden Collective launched the hash-tag #TellAmericaItsGreat, receiving an outpouring on Twitter.

It's called the "Tell America it's great" campaign.

In a riff off Republican nominee Donald Trump's divisive slogan "Make America Great Again", Canadians reminded the US all of the things that already make the country wonderful in a video released by creative agency the Garden Collective. It also includes YouTube videos like the one at the top of this page that are sure to get even the most cynical Americans feeling fuzzy inside.

Our polite Canadian friends like us, too.

Dic Dickerson, managing director of the firm, called it a pet project they devised for no other reason than to just spread love.

A positive campaign like this is much-needed right now. "A lot of people are talking, which is exactly what we wanted". Dickerson said they'd never done anything like this.

"Every morning we'd come together at work and there would inevitably be a discussion about another negative piece of news about the election", she said. Or maybe we should just wait on that, at least until November 9. The short minute-and-a-half piece features a group of Canadians sharing cheerful messages to their USA counterparts. America, it says, is already great.

Thank you, Canada, I feel your love.

Encouraging people to contribute their videos explaining what they thought was so great about the country, people submitted their reasons for stating that the USA was great, from being a huge influence on pop culture, to the many lovely parks and natural wonders which exist there.

And Americans returned the sentiments right back. Is this just a big mocking of the Yanks? Yet, for some jaded American souls, the campaign is a sore reminder of how un-great the US actually is.

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