Cassidy Commends Confirmation of DeVos as Education Secretary

LIVE STREAM: Senate Democrats speak for 24 hours against Betsy DeVos

Local educators rally against education pick DeVos at Blunt's office

On Tuesday, Betsy DeVos was confirmed as education secretary by the Senate, after a contentious and incredibly close confirmation process in which Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote. Two Republican senators sided with 48 Democrats in opposing DeVos' confirmation, leading to a tie.

Again, the only real issue here is her ardent support for school choice, including public charter schools and voucher programs to help families choose qualified private or parochial schools for their kids.

The Traverse City Education Associations says DeVos' stance on school choice and funding of public schools in concerning.

Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have said they will not vote for her, the first Republicans to break party ranks and vote against one of Trump's cabinet nominees.

DeVos, a billionaire philanthropist from MI and staunch Trump supporter, emerged as arguably the most divisive of President Trump's cabinet picks.

Following a Senate vote Tuesday that confirmed DeVos for the position, an Ann Arbor schools leader said she hopes DeVos will work to strengthen public schools at all levels across the United States.

Following a rocky Senate confirmation hearing, Democrats have attacked DeVos as being unprepared to lead the Department of Education.

Democrats could barely catch their breath Monday night as they explained why they could not vote for President Trump's education nominee Betsy DeVos.

If it comes down to an even split in the Senate, the vice president will get the deciding vote, most likely ensuring DeVos gets the job. At another moment, DeVos appeared unaware that federal law requires public schools to provide accommodations for disabled students.

At her confirmation hearing January 7, DeVos struggled to answer several questions about education practices. Sessions is expected to easily earn enough votes for confirmation.

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