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TEHRAN-Iran's annual celebration of its 1979 Islamic Revolution found a new villain on Friday in President Donald Trump, as the country marked the anniversary amid renewed friction between the two countries.

The war-of-words between Tehran and Washington escalated as President Hassan Rouhani and Trump traded threats and warnings.

"This turnout is a response to false remarks by the new rulers in the White House and the people are telling the world through their presence that the Iranian people must be spoken to with respect", Rouhani said.

Trump and other U.S. Republicans have frequently disparaged that deal, as have hardliners in Iran. "From missile tests to fiery speeches", said a former senior official, close to Rouhani.

The travel ban, along with new United States sanctions over an Iranian ballistic missile test, have contributed to the deteriorating relationship. Trump has threatened to undo the nuclear deal that has brought Iran some relief from global economic sanctions and said he was putting Tehran "on notice" after it conducted a missile test last month.

Some signs specifically thank the USA people which, in this case, means progressives protesting Trump's travel ban.

Takfiri is a term used by Iranian officials to describe militant Sunni Muslim fundamentalists like the Islamic State group. "And after the nuclear agreement was signed and sanctions were lifted, I'm sure that Iran will overcome all possible difficulties", he concluded.

However, there were examples of anti-American sentiment, such as a large plastic copy of the American flag was rolled out at the main rally, as was an Israeli flag, forcing those marching to walk over them. He also used the opportunity to poke fun at Trump's travel ban by stating that he shows his human rights ideal by placing a 5-year-old child in handcuffs, reports NBC News.

While the rally was lead on my passionate chants, it also brought with it effigies of President Trump-some hanging from ropes.

"Iran's continued support for terrorism and development of its missile program poses a threat to the region, to our partners worldwide and to the United States", John E. Smith, the acting sanctions chief at the U.S. Treasury Department, said at the time.

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