Federal Bureau of Investigation director Jim Comey pulls out of SXSW appearance

James Comey Backs Out of Speaking Appearance at SXSW 2017

FBI director Jim Comey pulls out of SXSW appearance

FBI Director James Comey warned Wednesday that Americans should not have expectations of "absolute privacy", adding that he planned to finish his term leading the FBI.

"I need you to wire me money", Comey told a crowd at Boston College for a cyber security conference, telling them the people who use devices in our increasingly interconnected world are the weakest link in the defenses against cyber criminals.

Comey also indicated that he intends to serve out the remaining 6 1/2 years of his term, despite speculation that he might step down amid tensions with the White House.

Comey has been front and center in American politics in the a year ago, first with the politically charged investigation of former Sec. of State and 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton's private email usage.

"The FBI is an addictive life", said Comey, who said the agency is trying to be a "little cooler".

Wikileaks' Vault 7 shares information on the CIA's "malware arsenal" and "weaponised exploits". While President Trump refuses to acknowledge Comey's claim and still believes he was spied on, Comey has said he is not going to leave his position anytime soon.

After Trump sent out a series of tweets saying that President Obama was tapping his phones at Trump Tower, Comey reportedly asked the Justice Department to bat down the allegation.

Comey said he plans to stay on as Federal Bureau of Investigation director, which is a 10-year term.

FBI Director James Comey has warned citizens that "absolute privacy" does not exist in the U.S. and he argued in favour of weakening encryption technology to allow the FBI to access devices and assist them in their investigations.

His stance as the head of one of the US' most important intelligence agencies has bewildered many Americans.

Comey has long argued that the government needs a way to get around encryption so that it can sufficiently search electronic devices when it's legally entitled to do so. "We're not looking to know your private information, but we need to know you in a way so we can help you in a hard circumstance".

FBI Director James Comey, middle, smiles after a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Chelsea, Mass., Tuesday, March 7, 2017, to mark the opening of new offices of the FBI's Boston division.

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