Google Launches Family Link, Internet Safety App For Parents And Kids

Google Family Link Android app features

Google releases screen-monitoring app

Family Link is an app that allows you to have a joint Google account with your kid. There are also daily screen time limits, as well as a more general device bedtime that remotely locks devices after set hours.

Anyone with kids will likely share their smartphones and tablets with their offspring for any number of reasons, be it to help with their homework, entertain them when you're busy, or - yes - to keep them quiet when you're in a place where silence is encouraged.

The Family Link app sounds a little similar to the Restricted Profiles feature Google unveiled with Android 4.3 back in 2013, but that was more about controlling a device lent to a child, and it was limited to tablets. And - for now - only USA residents may apply.

Most Google Family Link features - like tracking your child on the bus to school - are optional.

When your request is granted, you'll install the Family Link app on your phone and use the app to create a new Google account for your child.

Think of Family Link like parental controls plus monitoring.

Family Link is now invite-only and parents can enroll in the early access program to take a look when it comes available.

Right now, families who want to try out the app, which is still a work in progress, can request permission to do so by clicking here to visit Family Link's website. Finally, you'll download the Family Link app on your child's phone to complete the setup.

The app strives to allow kids access to a more age-appropriate version of the internet.

Family Link is only for kids under the age of 13, but you have options as soon as the child hits that age. Of course there is also an "all" category as the very first tab which is what you would see first upon opening the Google app with this new UI and tapping on the search bar. Reports show usage on weekly and monthly increments.

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