Google vows to crackdown on 'hateful' content after Brit brand boycott

On Friday Havas a global advertising company announced it was pulling every one of its ads off You Tube in the United Kingdom

On Friday Havas a global advertising company announced it was pulling every one of its ads off You Tube in the United Kingdom

WPP's (LON:WPP) Martin Sorrell, CEO of the world's biggest advertising agency holding company, said Google and other media companies such as Facebook "cannot masquerade as technology companies" and needed to take their responsibilities more seriously.

The bank's decision is coming on the heels of other blue chip companies that have taken similar steps to pull ads from Google's streaming website, YouTube.

Schindler said in his post that Google "is taking a hard look at our existing community guidelines to determine what content is allowed on" YouTube, and will tighten safeguards to ensure that ads show up only against legitimate creators.

"Google needs to convey more clearly that their goal is zero tolerance for brand unsafe environments when they place ads". This would represent a seismic shift for YouTube, notes Bloomberg, as the platform has traditionally steered clear of censoring any kinds of content in positioning itself as a neutral conduit. Pivotal Research Group's Brian Wieser wrote an investor note pointing out there are brand safety concerns on YouTube where ads ran alongside terrorist-inspired video per Ad Age.

"Whatever Google's editorial policy, advertising should only be sold against content that is safe for brands". These changes will be powered by a "significant" number of new hires, Schindler says, as well as Google's latest developments in A.I. and machine learning.

A Google official apologized this week for global brand safety issues that have affected advertisers. "In addition, we'll introduce new controls to make it easier for brands to exclude higher risk content and fine-tune where they want their ads to appear", Schindler said.

Companies have complained that their ads are being shown next to the likes of American white nationalist David Duke, a pastor who praised the killing of 49 people in an Orlando gay nightclub, a homophobic "shock jock" Michael Savage, as well as extremist Islamic preachers espousing anti-semitism. Major brands such as Audi, Marks and Spencer, and French advertising giant Havas later pulled their ads as well, prompting a public apology from Google's head of European operations on Monday.

More powerful ways to exclude sites and YouTube channels, across multiple advertising campaigns. "But now we're facing fake news and inappropriate content and that clashes with business models like Google's which are built on selling advertising".

Vietnam's state-owned Vinamilk, and flag carrier Vietnam Airlines suspended YouTube ads last month after the government told them their ads had appeared alongside inappropriate content. A new complaint line will also be established for advertisers.

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