Nets Freak Out Over EPA Chief Questioning Climate Change Dogma

Backlash as EPA chief Scott Pruitt questions science of global warming

EPA Chief Unconvinced on CO2 link to Global Warming

Scott Pruitt, the new director of the EPA who denies that Carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming, was a leading advocate against the EPA agenda before he got the head job.

The CNN has reported that there is a drastic increase of 35 percent of greenhouse emissions by the year 2010 due to human activity.

Scott Pruitt, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, defied longstanding scientific consensus in an interview this week when he said that neither human activity nor carbon dioxide emissions are the primary cause of global warming. "We need to continue the review and analysis".

Ah, but Mr. Pruitt might be a different kind of EPA administrator.

The Hawaii Senator, Brian Schatz said that Pruitt is a "climate change denier" and he doubts about his capacity to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. Just look at the Climate Leadership Council, a group of prominent Republicans, including former USA secretaries of State and Treasury, who are pushing a proposal to put a price on carbon in exchange for reducing other regulations.

William Jennings Bryan, who opposed the teaching of Darwin's concept of biological evolution by leading the criminal prosecution of teacher John T. Scopes in Tennessee, was the Scott Pruitt of 1925.

Pruitt "is spewing corporate polluter talking points rather than fulfilling the EPA's mission of protecting our air, our water and our communities", Brune said, noting that EPA has a legal responsibility to address carbon pollution.

Recently, Trump tried to deny all the EPA's workers to talk about anything on social networks or with journalists.

That's why even oil companies like ConocoPhillips recommend the us stay in the Paris Agreement to fight climate change. The president vetoed the signing of new EPA's investigation contracts, according to AP.

Pruitt told Democratic senators that he disagreed with Mr. Trump's earlier claims that global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese to harm the economic competitiveness of the United States.

Another information says that Donald Trump asked EPA to eliminate all the climate change section of its website, but then, they informed that USA's government stepped back on this decision. "When it comes to climate change, the evidence is robust and overwhelmingly clear that the cost of inaction is high".

With this new comments from EPA's administrator, environmental organizations all over the world are giving their opinion and worry about what to expect from this new administration in climate topics.

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