New Lotus Elise Sprint is one of the lightest sports cars ever

Lotus Elise Sprint a lighter kind of Lotus

2017 Lotus Elise launched with new lightweight Sprint edition

The 2017 Lotus Elise has been launched with a new lightweight Sprint edition that is 41kg lighter than the old vehicle. It sheds 41kg compared to the regular roadster, meaning it dry weight is now just 798kg in total. The standard Sprint equipment takes out 26kg and includes a lithium-ion battery (minus 9kg), carbon seats removing 6kg, forged wheels saving 5kg and a 6kg reduction through a polycarbonate rear screen as well as carbon for the access panel, roll hoop cover and engine cover.

What do you think of the new Lotus Elise Sprint? Two-piece brake discs are available to reduce the weight further still.

Some 21 years ago, the first-generation Lotus Elise weighted 1521 lbs. without its fluids.

Colin Chapman, the founder of Lotus Cars, famously said "adding power makes you faster on the straights; subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere", and Lotus continues to adhere to this maxim. The Sprint is marked out with unique design tweaks, including a matte black rear fascia, black wheels, subtle side stripes and Sprint badging. The Elise also gets a revised centre console and new graphics on the instrument panel.

The Lotus Elise has received minor updates for 2017, including the addition of an all-new, ultra lightweight Elise Sprint model variant.

This is the biggest cut to the mass of the Elise since launch, Lotus claims.

Reducing the weight does more than just help with performance, it helps it care for polar bears more effectively.

The Sprint trim line can be specified with Elise Sport and Elise Sport 220 models and will shave 41 kg (90 lbs) from the outgoing Elise Sport.

The Lotus Elise Sprint starts pricing at £37,300, with the more potent Sprint 220 starting at £44,300.

Orders for the new Elise range are now open.

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