Samsung's Foldable Smartphone Prototype Might Be Ready By Q3

Samsung A5

Samsung plotting 'ultra-premium' foldable smartphone for 2018?

Since the expected production is in the third quarter of 2017, we can guess that Samsung could possibly showcase the new foldable smartphone at IFA 2017. "They are going to examine the quality and performance of these prototypes internally and gather responses from markets in advance by giving them to major customers such as mobile network providers", says the publication.

Though Samsung had been talking about foldable smartphones for years now, it had not been able to present a working prototype till now, commentators point out. When prototypes are produced during third quarter, it is likely that official mass-production will take place in 2018. The screen. According to ETNews' sources, this is the foldable Samsung handset we've heard about in recent rumors. Although its goal was to provide prototypes of this smartphone in [the] first quarter, it has delayed timing as it has invested more time into raising [the] quality of the entire product. Apparently, the company is said to be already working on a new "foldable handset" model with an OLED display that will be more powerful than the said flagship phones.

Samsung wanted to position its foldable devices "one-step higher than regular flagship smartphones, " ETNews reported. Apparently, Samsung is in a race with various Chinese handset makers to become the first company in the world to release a handset with a foldable display. Although we' are told that Chinese panel manufacturers' experience in mass production of flexible OLEDs is absurdly low compared to the South Korean tech giant. Samsung will supposedly manufacture thousands of units of the prototype.

Samsung has been teasing its foldable display technology for years.

Though the idea of foldable smartphones is something to look forward to and will surely garner a lot of attention, the constant delay has put the excitement at rest. It will reportedly produce the prototype of the device in Q3 this year. It's unclear at this time what the first foldable smartphone from Samsung will have to offer other than the foldable OLED display itself.

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