Suspect fatally shot by police during violent confrontation in Orange

Orange Police Shoot Man Suspected of Traffic Violation After Using Fire Hose to Force Him From Van

Police Fatally Shoot Knife-Wielding Man In Orange

The shooting unfolded around 12:30 the 100 block of West Katella Avenue when officers conducted a traffic stop on the suspect's vehicle, according to police.

Police in Southern California fatally shot a man who they say pulled a knife after he was forced from his locked vehicle by blasts from a fire hose.

That's when, police say, he drew a knife and "an officer-involved shooting ensued".

"He poured some of the gasoline onto a cloth or rag, then he lit a cigarette".

"At that point, we don't know if we have a guy attempting suicide or attempting to blow up his van".

The man, who is believed to have been in his 30s, could be seen inside the van producing a gas can and lighter, Thorsen said. Do we have other incendiary devices inside the vehicle?

The video, posted by KTLA News, shows the shirtless man slip to the ground as an officer tries to apprehend him. The man crawled out the driver's side window and officers opened fire.

One officer fired a round that hit the suspect in the upper chest area, Thorsen said.

The man is seen fleeing to the back of the vehicle to seek refuge, but the hose follows him. The suspect jumped out the front as the police shouted "knife, knife" and then gunshots were fired.

The man initially refused to stop, despite having "ample opportunity to pull his van over", said Lt. Fred Lopez, a department spokesman.

The man was taken to a hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, police said.

The Orange County District Attorney's Office is investigating the incident with the help of Orange police.

Police did not immediately release the man's name, but his sister identified him to KTLA as Michael Anthony Perez, a father of six who would have turned 34-years-old on Wednesday.

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