Tim Tebow Goes 0-For-3 With 2 Strikeouts In Spring Debut

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow has struck out in his first at-bat for the New York Mets.

Two days earlier, Mets staff had reported Thompson had been wandering around First Data Field and inquiring about Tebow, who had flown in for spring training.

The officer asked, according to the report, "were they in a friendly relationship, a platonic relationship, a romantic relationship, or possibly a matrimonial relationship?" When she finally handed over a Colorado driver's license, she said the suburban Denver address was incorrect and that she actually lived in Jacksonville, Fla., with Tebow.

Tim Tebow went 0-for-4 in his second spring-training start for the New York Mets on Friday.

Tebow briefly questioned the home plate umpire on each of his strikeouts, saying later that he questioned whether the pitches weren't outside the strike zone.

Two days later, on February 28, Robert Kasdon, the Mets vice president of security, reported Thompson had ignored the warning and was back on the property. When she asked where she should go, the officer told her it was probably best for her to leave St. Lucie County.

Thompson remains in jail in St. Lucie County on a $750 bond. Thompson then responded, "giggling" and said "all of the above".

Tebow, a Heisman Trophy victor, is trying to make it to the majors after giving up on football.

Before his first plate appearance, Tebow walked around home plate over to the Boston Red Sox on-deck circle. He's a minor-leaguer in Mets camp this spring, but his celebrity - from the football field to TV to his place as a religious role model - eclipses everyone else in Mets uniforms.

Tebow is an minor-league outfield prospect with the Mets after he signed a contract with the club last September.

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