Toddler killed in fire caused by hoverboard

Courtesy of Harrisburg Bureau of Police

Courtesy of Harrisburg Bureau of Police

The agency said at the time that it had investigated more than 60 hoverboard fires in more than 20 states that resulted in more than $2 million in property damage, according to a report published by CNET.

On Friday night, fire crews were called to a burning house in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He was a 21-year veteran of the department.

The CPSC is now working to open a federal investigation into the fire that led to the girl's death, Wolfson said.

After the scooters emerged as one of the hottest gifts of the 2015 holiday, reports of hoverboard fires soon began to surface. The manufacturers, retailers and importers were also warned they could face civil and criminal penalties if the new standards were adhered to.

Hoverboards have always been considered a fire hazard, but this weekend brought the first death in the United States linked to the popular gadgets, and it may lead to another round of recalls. "We have licensed to 30 factories, but only a few follow our rules", Ying told Fortune. Occupants of the home reported hearing "sizzling and crackling" in the device before it reportedly burst into flames. One hoverboard seller, Swagway, recalled more than 500,000 of the self-balancing boards. His kids don't have them, he said, because he's the fire chief and knows the dangers. However, owners soon reported that their hoverboards were catching fire. Three others were rescued by ladder. The girl's father and a teenage boy were treated and released for smoke inhalation.

"My granddaughter, I can't replace her", said Mark Hughes, Ashanti's grandfather, to Fox43. "The pain is deep".

"I'm so hurt. I'm hurt".

A firefighter also died while responding to the blaze.

A firefighter, Lt. Dennis DeVoe, was rushing to the station to respond to the alarm when his auto was hit by a woman who allegedly drove a stolen vehicle through a stop sign while under the influence.

Eighteen-year-old Khanyae Kendall was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault and other offenses.

Police said Kendall was driving a vehicle that was recently reported stolen. She is in Dauphin County prison in lieu of $200,000 bail.

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