Trump signs bill pushing for crewed NASA mission to Mars

The bill adds a manned mission to the red planet as a key objective for the space agency and allows for test human space flights tests that will enable more missions to deep space.

President Trump signed a law Tuesday authorizing funds for a crewed NASA mission to Mars. It continues support for the Commercial Crew Program, which will carry American astronauts into space from American soil once again.

Even though it is a smaller budget, it still provides a substantial amount of funding for the space agency.

Following the signing, Vice President Mike Pence announced that the White House will re-establish a National Space Council.

While NASA is refocusing its efforts on exploring the unknown parts of space, countries like China and India are seeking to make their mark, hoping to end the dominance of Russian Federation and the the world's foremost space-going nations.

Luther Strange along with Alabama U.S. Reps.

"This bill will ensure important NASA exploration efforts are authorized and properly funded for in 2017, including the Mission to Mars, " she said in a statement.

At any rate, maybe Trump took a moment while signing this to ask someone around him (NOT Ted Cruz) about climate change. Roby serves on the Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee that is responsible for NASA funding. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, a chief sponsor of the bill.

Also attending the signing were Sens.

He also reaffirmed the country's commitment to building the huge Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft - which he mistakenly pronounced "Oor-ian" - to send NASA deeper into the solar system than ever before. It supports use of the International Space Station through at least 2024, along with private sector companies partnering with NASA to deliver cargo and experiments, among other steps.

"We have the commercial companies going to and from the International Space Station and we have NASA going out and exploring the heavens", Nelson said during the signing ceremony.

NASA has been inviting the human raise to make their mission to go to Mars.

"We could send congress into space", he replied sheepishly.

Rubio also declined. Both senators are co-sponsors on the bill, and their states are home to two major NASA centers: Johnson Space Center in Houston and Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla.

"We could", Trump replied.

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