Why USA Celebrates World Baseball Classic Win With Bald Eagle Statue

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Total attendance had already surpassed 1 million for the first time before the championship round at Dodger Stadium.

Trust me, I was usually snoring right along with you, and not because the WBC was a bore. "It was a lot of fun for me just to be a part of it, but the winning makes it even better". You're not representing an individual team, but an entire country.I can't see anyone turning this down again, not after seeing what we did.

"I think it makes it more special that America hadn't done it before", Crawford said. But to many casual and even some diehard baseball fans, the end of the World Baseball Classic brought a sigh of relief over the players on their team not getting hurt (unless you're a Royals fan) and the real season doesn't start until April 3. "Our country has been behind us since we have started [the tournament]". Will Puerto Rico win one more game and complete a sweep of the whole WBC?

With the tournament over, players will now head back to their respective big-league camps.

The confetti-strewn celebration in Chavez Ravine should have a few superstars realizing they missed out on something great. Here's hoping that, come 2021, they still have the same sense of unity and passion that they displayed in this year's edition.

"So hopefully we can get guys to play. But we had players that wanted to be here, and that's the players you want".

According to Peña - a guy born in Cuba who became a US citizen - what makes America great is the fact that everyone gets to have his or her own opinion. "That helped us come together". By all accounts it was a great experience for fans, and I'm racking my brain to think how Major League Baseball could recapture the magic of big games in neutral venues, and I'm coming up empty-we may just have to wait four years for the WBC again.

A July finish is still worth a serious look because the 2017 World Baseball Classic deserved quite a bit more than second-billing to basketball's March Madness.

This group of 18 All-Stars got the US into the final for the first time this year.

Maybe it's because the best players aren't in this tournament. That's not taking anything away from them.

"The opportunity to wear your country across your chest is something, particularly if you haven't experienced it before", Clark said. For example, the Netherlands' roster is full of players from their Caribbean constituent nations, such as Aruba native and Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts, and Israel's roster is full of Jewish-Americans like White Sox pitcher Brad Goldberg.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico starter Seth Lugo got through the first two innings unscathed, but allowed a leadoff single to catcher Jonathan Lucroy. Thousands of fans crowded the downtown streets in San Juan to watch the game broadcast.

"The satisfaction is huge", manager Edwin Rodriguez said.

"There's more youngsters playing baseball", Rodriguez said. They previously appeared in the semifinal round in 2009.

Swing for the fences in Monday's home run derby, get your one or two at-bats in the All-Star Game, ramp it up for no more than two games for the World Baseball Classic and take Saturday and Sunday off.

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