Disney previews upcoming 'authentic' 'Star Wars'-theme parks

New stunning details revealed about Disney's 'Star

A New Video Teases Disney's Upcoming Star Wars Attraction

Three years later, the company announced plans for new 14-acre Star Wars "lands" at both its Orlando and Anaheim, California, parks, capitalizing on the lucrative brand much as Universal Studios did at its Orlando parks with the Harry Potter phenomenon.

Star Wars Celebration came to a close today with one more video teasing the exciting things on the way soon from a galaxy far, far away. "It's a remote frontier outpost somewhere on the edge of wild space, a place for us to discover new stories", continued Trowbridge.

Unfortunately, this is just a survey right now, but it looks absolutely flawless for those Jedi-crazed fans looking to upgrade their visit to the Star Wars Land theme park.

Unsurprisingly, the next game in the series is officially called "Star Wars Battlefront II", with the logo first published by the games publisher on its own website. The smugglers, the bounty hunters, the rogue adventurers looking to crew up.

"As per the director, in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Luke is the one to find the temple of jedi ".and Luke is the last Jedi", he said, as per aforementioned source.

We hope we succeeded in hosting a Celebration worthy of Star Wars and worthy of you. It'll be an unrivalled immersive experience during which your actions will spark unique outcomes in other locations of the land and yes, you'll be able to decide if you want to collaborate with the Resistance or the First Order.

Visitors will also get the opportunity to pilot the Millennium Falcon. There would be "consequences" for bad pilots, Kalama said. Disney's Florida parks use RFID wristbands to provide characters with basic information about guests.

"These new lands at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will transport guests to a whole new Star Wars planet".

This is an interesting step for the franchise, signalling that the developers of Star Wars Battlefront 2 are interested in cultivating a proper story rather than stringing together some cool missions and calling it a day.

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