Google Home With Mesh Networking Reportedly Being Developed

Google Home Expands Partners in Big Smart Home Update

Google reportedly working on combo device that merges Home and mesh Wi-Fi networking

A Home that dishes out Wi-Fi could be the one thing that'll help Google leapfrog Amazon.

If Google is truly working on this new device, it would convince Google WiFi owners to try out Home, and vice versa, as pointed out by CNET.

If you don't know why you need a mesh network, there's an explainer here.

Make sure the device running the app is on wifi, then load Google Home. Instead of buying and setting up two devices, you'd only need one. You can also grab the wireless speaker from Google's own online store.

Google Home will try to answer all of your questions, just keep in mind to phrase your question correctly, "Okay Google" or "Hey, Google" should work every time and bring the device to life.

So if you want to check if your August smart lock is locked or control lights connected to Wink, Google Home has you covered.

For example: OK Google, Load Netflix, Play Bojack Horseman episode 1... Tapping it once plays and pauses audio, a long press works as an alternative to "Okay Google", bringing Google Assistant to life, and dragging your finger around the edge of the touch surface changes the volume.

Elsewhere it's hard not to be impressed by the power that Google Search and its other services bring to the Home.

It also expands Google Home's abilities into new territory. Ask it to translate words and phrases for you and Home can do it in seconds, as well as using Search to offer in-depth answers to questions you may have. In theory, you could have music playing through several speakers in your home that live in different rooms, all talking to each other via Google's new hub. According to The Independent, in terms of sound features, Home performs decently as a voice-controlled speaker and plays any songs on command with minimum fuss. Both of them are trying to dominate the field. Google Home is getting a lot of attention from Google at this moment and many (including myself) would love to see this expanded on in the years to come.

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