Kelly Rowland Says Any Destiny's Child Reunion Would Be A Surprise

Kelly Rowland Gets Real About Her Post-Baby Vagina and Boobs

'Your vajajay is not the same' Kelly Rowland makes VERY honest admissions about her post-baby body

Kelly previously admitted she wanted to get a boob job when she was just 18, but was ultimately convinced to wait by Tina Knowles, the mother of her former bandmate Beyoncé.

Still, the singer went on to explain that, it has been her experience, that there's not much of a difference when it comes to motherhood, whether you're a celebrity or a stay-at-home mom.

"Yes, please get them out of here", Rowland can be seen saying to her team. "I really was." Hearing that she had to have that inner monologue with herself is refreshing, because how many moms have had to tell themselves the same exact thing? Kelly, who underwent breast augmentation surgery almost 10 years ago, also writes about how motherhood and breastfeeding have "sucked" the air out of her boobs. "And I damn near had a heart attack because I didn't know my body wasn't physically ready". "And I'm just so proud of all of us".

Despite asking for advice from the "Halo" hitmaker, Kelly "can't imagine" what their family will be like when their twins arrive, as she also dubbed Pharrell Williams and his wife Helen - who welcomed triplets earlier this year - as "super people".

She told Entertainment Tonight: 'I think that it has to be a conscious thing that you want to do.

She said: 'It actually brought us closer.

Rowland, who cowrote the book with her ob-gyn, Tristan Bickman, MD, has no problem getting candid about a slew of uncomfortable but oh-so-real struggles, like tearing, incontinence, post-baby weight - and more. Her book was written with the help of her own doctor and various friends, who helped her after the birth of her first child.

She credits the support of her girlfriends and fellow mums Beyonce, her sister Solange, and TV personality La La Anthony, as well as regular chats with a therapist friend, with encouraging her to take things slowly as she adjusted to her new responsibilities. "We were making sure that we had that extra pop!"

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