Loud sex sounds interrupt pro tennis match in Florida

American tennis player Frances Tiafoe

American tennis player Frances Tiafoe MADE NAGI

Tennis fans are relatively more calm and quiet than the raucous fans of other sports, such as basketball, football and baseball.

- An outdoor professional tennis match in Florida came to a brief halt amid sounds of loud sex.

Preparing to serve midway through the second set, Tiafoe stopped and looked up with childish glee upon hearing sounds that can only mean one thing - some randy lovers were getting it on. "It's still going", play-by-play commentator Mike Cation as the sounds could be heard coming from somewhere nearby.

"Well, that is the most freakish situation", he said on the Challenger Tour's livestream. "I don't know how to put this folks ... somebody's phone going off in the stands", thinking that a member of the audience must have been playing a porn video - with the volume turned all the way up. Tiafoe yelled in the direction of the condo, "It can't be that good!" drawing more laughter as some from the crowd covered their ears.

Tiafoe had a happy ending as he defeated his fellow American Krueger in straight sets winning 6-3, 6-2.

We usually expect a tennis match to get interrupted because of rain, bad lighting, or in some cases a player requiring treatment.

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