Mark Hamill says he'd like to play George Lucas in a movie

The Star Wars You Tube channel drops wonderful Carrie Fisher Tribute

The tribute highlights Fisher’s role as Leia and the impact she had on her costars

This tid-bit of information follows a similarly vague trailer for 'The Last Jedi' which was unveiled on Friday (April 14) at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida. In "Star Wars Battlefront", players could play part of a massive battle on Jakku, the planet where "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" begins.

Director Rian Johnson already dropped a hint that the movie's title refers only to a singular Jedi, even though Jedi can refer to both singular and plural amounts of people.

We decided on that, and it's one of those hard decisions because it has so many implications all around.

There's no real way to discern what that means yet, but it's nearly as if Rey's parentage doesn't have an easy explanation as most fans have though.

In "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", information about Rey's parents was never revealed.

"I only know one true thing", Luke says offscreen.

"I look back now (and) I go, 'What was I thinking?'", he smiled.

The identity of Rey's parents will change depending on who you ask. In another interview with Fandango, Daisy Ridley confirmed that Luke has no idea who Rey is.

Though I was also a bit disheartened that we didn't get to see a reunion, I am hopeful to see what's in store for Rey and the others when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15. We need to [take it apart] and come up with something better.

Which is why we've put together this handy post with links to the entirety of Collider's Star Wars Celebration coverage.

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