United Airlines CEO to visit China after dragged passenger incident

City International Airport

City International Airport

The cuts come in the wake of the Trump administration's attempted visa restrictions, and the ban on carrying on large electronic devices on flights from certain Middle Eastern countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

"This is not a permanent arrangement".

Like an earlier ban that also included Iraqi citizens, it has been blocked from taking effect by U.S. courts.

The Dubai-based airline said that it would cut services to five USA cities - Los Angeles, Boston, Orlando, Seattle and Fort Lauderdale - starting from next month.

Clark declined to detail how much of a financial hit the Dubai government-backed carrier has taken over the past three months, but he described the falloff in passenger demand as "significant".

Emirates and its Gulf rivals have faced stiff resistance from big United States airlines and their labour unions, who accuse the Middle East-based carriers of being unfairly subsidised by their governments.

Emirates does not provide financial details exclusively for its US operations.

The Gulf carriers strongly dispute the allegations.

The page, which the same passenger confirms he did not see when checking into a different United flight this past Sunday, asks "Are you interested in possibly taking a different flight in exchange for a travel certificate", helping the airline to identify which passengers have flexible travel plans and are therefore more amenable to being bumped to another flight if theirs is overbooked.

Emirates and its smaller Gulf rivals have faced stiff resistance from big US airlines and their labor unions, who accuse the Mideast carriers of being unfairly subsidized by their governments. "The United disgraceful episode was a classic case of how corporate culture indicates that particular company has lost the plot with regard to what it should be doing".

This time it was the horrendous incident on a United Airlines plane that was about to fly from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky, a distance of under 500 kilometres.

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