Why Celine Dion does not want to date yet

Celine Dion at her late husband's funeral

GETTY Celine Dion admitted she will probably grieve for the rest of her life

"I organize myself to not feel lonely". He added: " René misses me a lot. "I need them. I need them close".

Dion said she became a sponge in the months before his death, learning everything she could from the man who helped her create an astounding career.

Meanwhile, she says she has recorded with Sia and has begged Adele to join her on her United Kingdom tour later this summer. "[I tell them], 'Papa is not coming back but Papa is in your heart'".

Talking about her new music, Celine also confessed singer Sia had written her three songs for her forthcoming material.

"We kiss him every night actually". We have a little ritual where we say goodnight to him with a little picture and all that. "I'm on stage five nights a week and the rest of the time I'm taking care of my kids. And they write words, put them in balloons and we send the balloons to the sky".

As of now, it's far "too soon" to even think about.

Celine spoke out about losing her husband in January 2016 and how she's attempting to move on in a new interview this week, where Dion revealed one of the final things she said to Angelil while standing by his bedside as he succumbed to throat cancer over a year ago.

The singer's former manager and longtime partner Rene Angelil lost his battle with cancer at the beginning of past year (16), and Celine tells The Sun she is using images of the music mogul to help her through the grieving process. I'm sounding pretentious but if I don't show them the way, they will question it.

WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: Celine Dion on Recording New "Beauty and the Beast" Song: "I Couldn't Say Yes Right Away" Dion's 6-year-old twin sons, Nelson and Eddy, also remember their father daily.

She said: "Touring the world is a big deal when you have three kids and travelling becomes problematic, it's scary sometimes".

"He's the love of my life", she continued.

'My 16-year-old loves music and when I make him listen to a demo he'll say 'this is a great song but if you can not sing it this way Mum you shouldn't do this - or this producer should produce that song.

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