Windows 10 Creators Update features fall short for IT

Concept designed by MSPU based on internal Microsoft concepts

Concept designed by MSPU based on internal Microsoft concepts

"That helped us determine which devices we support for the Windows 10 Creators Update".

To summarize, the setup will consist of a hardware device that will be launched on May 2 - possibly the Surface 3 hybrid tablet - which will possibly run on Windows 10 Cloud, have pre-loaded UWP apps, and can hook up to Office 365 if an education plan is active.

Furthermore, it has been widely reported that Microsoft has no intention of revealing any details regarding its next line of Surface devices, such as the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2. The concept shows a Windows 10 Mobile powered Nokia device with some awesome design changes.

Microsoft will be having an event in NY on May 2, but fans expecting the unveiling of the "Surface Pro 5" will be disappointed as it will not be part of the festivities. It turned out to be a major flop because it could offer a desktop mode and some Windows utilities, but could not run traditional desktop apps which severely limited its performance. Many MacBook Pro buyers purchase as much for style and prestige as they do for a useful notebook.

Windows 10's own browser has suffered in the past few years, not least from its unfortunate association with Microsoft's very bad Internet Explorer.

Windows 10 didn't include an RT version, but it might soon get a Cloud version. It also brings some of the top features users may not have been looking for, but would most appreciate. For instance, users can now run Android apps on Chromebooks, and there is far more choice now that convertible and detachable versions of the Chromebook have entered the marketplace.

With this in mind, Microsoft is expected to come up with new hardware at more affordable price points, especially since Apple recently launched its cheapest iPad to date. This app enables Windows 8.1 users to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 Mobile version. Many were expecting it to get unveiled past year. Windows 10 introduced a new Settings app that's a bit more user-friendly than the old-school Control Panel app, and while that's great for users, it can introduce headaches for IT administrators. This event may well be where we get the first official glimpse at the Surface Book 2 and its new form factor. You may reminded of the original Surface tablet running Windows RT, for which Microsoft ultimately took a $900 million write-down. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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