Amazon gives voice-enabled speaker a screen, video calling

Inc. Launches Its Echo Home Assistant In The U.K

Amazon gives voice-enabled speaker a screen, video calling

The new features, which Amazon notes are "coming soon", will function a lot like the hands-free calling features that already exist on both iOS and Android. With the Echo Show, the device can now display its answers to the user apart from saying it out loud; ideal for situations where quiet and calm are a requirement, like during the night. Pre-orders are open now and shipments begin June 28th. It's pretty insane. It does everything the original Echo does, but it also has a screen that allows Alexa to, well, show you things. The update could help cement the Echo's position as a centerpiece of the home. The device comes out at Dollars 230 in the USA, and at GBP 220 for those in the UK. The company didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on the availability timeframe, although TechCrunch reports that it will be enabled later today.

With the Echo Show, Amazon finally was able to match a face to the name.

The Echo Show has all the basic facilities of Echo smart speaker, like Alexa and always listening microphone but it additionally comes with a 7-inch built-in touch screen. This functionality actually allows you to connect with other Echo Show users even when the person on the other side may not even accept the call. It can be used as a digital photo frame, integrated with WiFi security cameras and will display lyrics to songs being played. It is not yet clear when Amazon intends to make it available to other markets.

The device also streams music on Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and more.

Movie trailers, YouTube videos, and Amazon Video content can be watched on the Echo Show, although it is not clear at this point if the smart hub will support proper video streaming from its proprietary platform or competing services like Netflix.

It also allows closed captioning, so that when you ask Alexa a question, you can see the answer, as well as hear it.

The Echo Show will launch in the U.S. in June and will enable users to make video calls as well as view photos and video using voice commands.

On the Echo Show, there is a unique option called Drop In. That's obviously a privacy issue, but Amazon pitches this as a way to keep an eye on elderly relatives or kids.

Unlike other calls, people will have a 10-second window only to hang up or choose to pick up with audio feed only.

The Echo Show is equiiped with two Dolby stereo speakers, a 5-megapixel front-facing camera and an Intel Atom processor.

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