Samsung Galaxy Book vs Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Can The Tides Change?

A burgundy-colored Surface Laptop

A burgundy-colored Surface Laptop

Despite Microsoft's larger than expected 26 percent decline in Surface revenue revealed last week, Microsoft is on somewhat of a roll with its Surface hardware, which comes amid perceived missteps by Apple, such as the MacBook Pro, and a perception it's abandoned creatives by not updating the Mac Pro. However, it had never said that it would permanently move away from smartphones and rumours from time to time indicate that Microsoft may soon release a Surface phone.

So, the main thing here is that it's not a convertible tablet like the original Surface devices.

Back in the days of Steve Ballmer at its head, Microsoft was hardly considered to be the most innovative of technology companies; rather more a lumbering software giant attempting to make inroads into the world of smartphones like a drunk trying to walk in a straight line. As with Chromebooks, they'll be sold to anyone who wants one but a key target demographic is students and other budget-mindful types.

That could mean even more battery performance and security thanks to it using Windows Store apps only.

Microsoft launched a new Surface device earlier this week.

Furthermore, the publication stated that the Surface Laptop will have a 13.5-inch PixelSense display with touchscreen capabilities. And the laptop will be available in four colors: platinum, graphite gold, cobalt blue, and burgundy.

Then things start getting a bit odd.

In the meantime, Microsoft has shown off its Surface Laptop - a $999 laptop that runs the new Windows 10 S operating system. Ever. Same goes for the search engine built-in; it's Bing, like it or not.

By running only verified Microsoft apps, Windows 10 S is created to provide a safe, secure and fast-loading experience for classroom settings, according to Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group.

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