Syrian refugees name baby for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

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In January, another Syrian refugee family said they would name their newborn son Justin Trudeau Al Shaikh after a photo showing their 10-year-old son looking exasperated at a town hall with the prime minister became national news. Muhammad and Afraa Bilan arrived in Canada in February previous year with their two young children - Naya, 4, and Nael, 3 - after escaping the war-torn Syrian capital Damascus. They chose to name their newborn baby after Canada's leader because of his refugee initiative, which helped them escape from war-torn Damascus, Syria.

"My husband says 'How about if we name the boy Justin-Trudeau, like him, '" Hammoud told CBC.

"We really like Canada".

"My husband says 'How about if we name the boy Justin-Trudeau, like him, '" Hammoud explained. There could be many more tiny Justin-Trudeaus to come.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wasn't there to greet them at the airport, as he did with other Syrian refugees.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has welcomed refugees into his country.

"We are very thankful to this person because he brings lots of Syrians, a lot of refugees (to Canada)", Mrs Bilan told CTV Calgary.

The couple escaped Syria after Belal, a barber, was targeted by the Syrian army and detained.

To show their appreciation to the leader, two refugees just named their son after him.

While she conceded that adjusting to life in Canada was hard at first due to the language barrier and freezing temperatures, she said they were nevertheless thrilled to be here and happy to welcome their first Canadian son into the world. Then he continued: “Were going to need every single one of you to give us, as you always do, your absolute best.”.

Balil said she hopes both Trudeaus could meet someday.

She said: "He's the first Canadian".

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