Trump to meet top Russian diplomat at the White House

Official Trump may meet top Russian diplomat in White House

Official: Trump may meet top Russian diplomat in White House

The American administration's decision to launch a barrage of Tmahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield it believes was used to carry out a deadly chemical attack drew Russia's ire, marking the worst strain in U.S. -Russia relations since President Donald Trump came to office.

Comey had been overseeing the bureau's counterintelligence probe to determine whether Trump campaign officials or associates may have coordinated with Russian Federation to interfere with last year's US presidential election.

"If we manage to find... a common position with the United States on this issue, it will be the most important result", Ryabkov said, quoted by the Interfax news agency. The State Department and Russia's Foreign Ministry say that Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will meet in Washington Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

Trump plans to meet with Lavrov on Wednesday, according to his schedule.

"You're kidding! You're kidding", he said as more questions were lobbed at him before walking away.

Over the past six years, Moscow and Washington have sparred multiple times over the conflict in Syria, especially concerning Assad's fate.

A White House statement after the meeting omitted any mention of Kislyak's presence, instead focusing on Trump's conversation with Lavrov, which the President described as "very, very good".

Lavrov and Tillerson are also expected to discuss efforts to reduce the escalation of violence in Syria and in eastern Ukraine.

Lavrov said that despite difficulties "our countries can and should contribute jointly to the settlement of the most urgent issues in global affairs".

In Moscow, the Kremlin said on Wednesday it hoped that Comey's firing would not affect Russia's ties with the United States, saying it believed his dismissal had nothing to do with Russian Federation.

At a Senate hearing Monday, former acting Attorney General Sally Yates said she warned Trump's White House in January that Flynn "essentially could be blackmailed" by the Russians because he apparently had lied to his bosses about his contacts with Kislyak.

The pair's face-to-face meeting comes ahead of an Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Trump often called for the creation of "safe zones" in Syria on the campaign trail as part of his opposition to admitting Syrian refugees into the country.

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