Winners And Losers Under The House GOP Health Bill

Sen. Elizabeth Warren continued her fiery criticism of the Republican health care agenda Thursday, after the House of Representatives passed a revised bill to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

The house voted 217-213 in favour of the bill, and has brought fears that millions of Americans could be left without adequate healthcare while the cost of treatment and drugs might sky rocket for others. Here in Northeast Ohio, one Republican voted for the measure and another against it. I actually think it will get even better.

However, the bill would keep in place a key provision of Obamacare allowing younger Americans to stay on their parents' health plans until age 26. "Make no mistake about it".

"Forget about repeal and work with us on improving ACA", he said. Republicans control a smaller majority in the Senate, and several competing GOP bills have been proposed there.

"Welcome to the beginning of the end of Obamacare", Vice President Mike Pence proudly bragged at the news conference in the Rose Garden, before introducing Trump.

"Like many of my colleagues I ran in support of a repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a plan that lowers premiums, drives down health-care costs, encourages competition and gives every American access to quality, affordable health insurance", Lance said afterwards.

Democrats, including Ryan, D-13th, said the bill would kick millions off coverage and greatly increase premiums for many with pre-existing conditions.

Republicans say the bill will be scored by the CBO and other fixes will be made before the Senate votes. Republican senator Bob Corker said the upper chamber hasn't been focused on a healthcare bill just yet. And the American people have not yet been heard.

"Obamacare has failed. Less choice and higher premiums".

We really don't know the big picture.

Under the MacArthur amendment, states could apply to waive the mandate forbidding insurers from charging patients more money based on their health status.

The celebration was on Thursday afternoon after the passage of the House's health care bill.

But healthcare consultancy and research firm Avalere Health released analysis that the Republican bill would only cover 5 per cent of those enrolled with pre-existing conditions in the individual markets. But $138 billion has been set aside in the GOP bill for all 50 states to help fund those high-risk pools.

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