Corbyn Would Win Leadership Challenge, U.K. Labour Ally Says

Last Tuesday, Labour MPs voted 172 to 40 to pass a motion of no confidence in Mr Corbyn. Rebel Labour MPs are now understood to be split on whether or not Ms Eagle or former shadow work and pensions secretary Owen Smith should the candidate to take him on. [Articulo Completo...]

BBB warns of the dangers of 'catching 'em all' in Pokemon Go

You've probably seen people walking around staring at their phones, searching for Pokemon characters. Meanwhile cases of armed robberies and injuries involving Pokemon Go players have also been reported. "I was thinking this game is so amusing, and that kids definitely would love it", he said. Pictures sent in by other players showed Pokemon are everywhere. [Articulo Completo...]

Box office recap: 'Finding Dory' wins the holiday weekend box office

Finding Dory's on pace to take over the title of biggest grossing Pixar animated film from Toy Story 3 . Swinging into second place, The Legend of Tarzan surprised with $45.6 million. The Legend of Tarzan is out now, with a cast that includes Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan and Margot Robbie as Jane alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Djimon Hounsou and Christoph Waltz. [Articulo Completo...]

Robot used to kill Dallas suspect is still functional

Robot used to kill Dallas suspect is still functional Two civilians were also wounded in the ambush. One of the gunmen behind last week's shooting in Dallas wrote cryptic messages on the wall in his own blood. A Dallas police spokeswoman said the city tightened security as a precaution. The robot had been fitted with a "claw and arm extension" and was carrying approximately one pound (450g) of C4 plastic plus a detonating cord, they said. [Articulo Completo...]

Attorney General Lynch defends decision on Clinton email inquiry

But she repeatedly deferred to FBI Director James Comey's comments on the case , declining to elaborate herself. Lynch defended her department as well as her actions, saying she was accepting the recommendation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. [Articulo Completo...]

Rosberg under investigation for radio violation

Rosberg under investigation for radio violation After a sluggish start to 2016, Hamilton's four wins in the past five races shows he is back in top form, despite his controversial off-track lifestyle. "I am not sure you can be as happy as I am". "We've got the best fans here, thank you so much", said Hamilton . The Briton got even closer to the fans, who flooded onto the track, after parking up at the finish, and then enjoyed some celebr... [Articulo Completo...]

Taylor Swift is top-earning celebrity

Forbes' Celebrity 100 list ranks the world's best-paid celebrities based on figures from Nielsen, Pollstar, IMDb and other sources, as well as interviews with industry insiders and the artists themselves. 54, US$44 million), the top-earning Korean-pop act ever; and Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen (No. 99, US$30.5 million). During her "1989" tour, her team grossed about $200 million in North Ameri... [Articulo Completo...]

PGR presenta acción de inconstitucionalidad contra Fiscalía anticorrupción de Chihuahua

El subprocurador Jurídico y de Asuntos Internacionales de la PGR, Salvador Sandoval Silva , aseveró que ambas entidades carecen de facultades para crear sus sistemas locales anticorrupción sin que se hayan publicado las leyes generales para crear el Sistema Nacional Anticorrupción (SNA), con el objetivo de que los sistemas locales se ajusten al sistema nacional . [Articulo Completo...]

Dallas Police Chief Says Sniper Left Message Written in His Own Blood

Micah Johnson, a 25-year-old army veteran, daubed a series of letters onto the walls in blood during a stand-off after the shooting. Profiles on Micah Johnson have established that he was a reclusive man who lived with his parents, and that he held a definite interest in black power movements and groups like the New Black Panthers. [Articulo Completo...]

MP challenges Corbyn for Labour leadership

It all started because the Labour Party rule book specifies that when a sitting leader is challenged, any challenger must secure the nominations of at least one fifth of all Labour MPs and MEPs, a hurdle Angela Eagle crossed without difficulty before launching her bid for the leadership on Monday. [Articulo Completo...]

Cristiano Ronaldo-Messi, la cara y la cruz de la temporada

Cristiano Ronaldo-Messi, la cara y la cruz de la temporada En Facebook, Cristiano Ronaldo acostumbra a colocar fotos inéditas de lo que sucede en el vestuario del Real Madrid o la selección portuguesa. La duda central, que ya preocupa a todos los aficionados del Real, es la ausencia en la final de la Supercopa , pactada para el 9 de agosto, ya que la lesión le demandaría 30 días en su recuperación. [Articulo Completo...]

Governor defends police tactics in protests

The protests were not entirely peaceful - Louisiana's The Advocate newspaper said 102 people were arrested, with eight guns seized. "And he just got really angry and started saying 'you need to chill the f**k out until we get this because we're handling something right now'". [Articulo Completo...]

First Pokemon Go Update Now Live

The rapid update, released on Tuesday, claims to fix the " Google account scope" that had anxious some Pokemon Trainers. Created by Niantic , the game follows in the footsteps of the firm's other popular AR game , Ingress . Other Pokemon battle scars: a twisted ankle and cuts from a playing-while-riding skateboard accident. Pokemon monsters can be seen through smartphone cameras... [Articulo Completo...]

Declaraciones de Cristiano Ronaldo

Declaraciones de Cristiano Ronaldo Fue un gol al mejor estilo de Cristiano Ronaldo, el capitán y líder, que salió del partido lesionado entre lágrimas , pero que después lloró de alegría en la celebración del tanto de Éder y al levantar el trofeo que certificaba el primer título internacional de la selección absoluta de toda su historia. [Articulo Completo...]

"Pokémon Go" podría superar los usuarios de Twitter

Tan sólo después de haber salido en Estados Unidos , Nintendo incrementó más de 8% el valor de sus acciones. De acuerdo a la información que publica SimilarWeb , 'Pokémon Go' Ya ha sido instalado en más dispositivos Android en Estados unidos que 'Tinder', la aplicación de citas. [Articulo Completo...]

Cristiano Ronaldo levanta el trofeo de la Eurocopa ante una multitud

Cristiano Ronaldo levanta el trofeo de la Eurocopa ante una multitud Escoltado por el ejército del aire, el avión 'Eusebio', que transportaba a la plantilla, aterrizó antes del mediodía (hora local). Chorros de agua con los colores verde y rojo sirvieron de pasillo a la aeronave. Durante toda la noche, los aficionados de todo el país celebraron por todo lo alto este triunfo memorable. "Pero ustedes lo merecen por respetarnos de principio a fin y creer en nosotros",... [Articulo Completo...]

Pokemon GO: How To Save Battery Life

Pokemon GO: How To Save Battery Life Once you've trained them, you can battle again other Gym or defend yours. They can choose from three Pokemons, which are Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, and they must capture one to get started. ET with a "Not now available in your country" message for most of the world, but tonight around the same time the error message was replaced with a download button. [Articulo Completo...]

Yale worker destroys stained-glass window depicting slaves

Yale worker destroys stained-glass window depicting slaves O'Connor said that the university won't seek prosecution or restitution. Yale President Peter Salovey announced in April that announced the college would continue to carry Calhoun's name but that two new residential colleges would be named for Benjamin Franklin and Pauli Murray, the co-founder of the National Organization for Women and a civil rights leader. [Articulo Completo...]

How controversial is it to kiss your child on the lips?

How controversial is it to kiss your child on the lips? Sadly, the photo of Victoria Beckham kissing her daughter on the lips has received a ton of negative attention that makes you question what the heck is wrong with some people. Hundreds of people posted messages of goodwill to the celeb mum and her little girl, but some complained about the picture being "suggestive" or "lesbian". [Articulo Completo...]

Dallas Police Chief: Sniper Left Ominous Message Written in Blood, Planned Explosions

Dallas Police Chief: Sniper Left Ominous Message Written in Blood, Planned Explosions In the search of the house in Mesquite, officials say they found bomb-making materials, detonators, ammunition, bulletproof vests and some journal writings, which suggest Johnson had been contemplating violence against police for some time. [Articulo Completo...]

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