Tom Cruise had Leah Remini call CBS to squash Scientology segment

Tom Cruise had Leah Remini call CBS to squash Scientology segment While Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath isn't as intricately reported or as compelling a narrative as some of the recent exposés about the Church, it's a valuable continuation of ongoing efforts to shed light on some of its most egregious practices. [Articulo Completo...]

Pampita habló tras el escándalo con Marcelo Tinelli

Pampita habló tras el escándalo con Marcelo Tinelli Lejos de aceptarlas, la novia de Pico Mónaco le terminó respondiendo con su silencio primero y luego levantando los hombros, un gesto que no le gustó nada a Lizy. En los pasillos de Ideas del Sur, la actriz hizo referencia a la pelea con Pampita y lanzó una fuerete frase sobre la vida de la jurado. Te preguntó eso solamente Lizy. [Articulo Completo...]

Baltimore Ravens at Dallas Cowboys

Baltimore Ravens at Dallas Cowboys We didn't play as well as we wanted to collectively, and [we're] just a little disappointed in ourselves". That's pretty much what happened Sunday at AT&T Stadium. Baltimore stayed close on Joe Flacco's 5-yard scoring pass in the fourth quarter to Steve Smith, who became the 14th player with 1,000 career catches. [Articulo Completo...]

Madona dijo en uno de sus conciertos a Lucía Méndez F#ck you

Pero al regresar al estudio Andrea Legarreta no pudo contener su risa y dijo que no podía creer que Madonna le pidiera que se levantara cuando había tanta gente en el show , "ay perdón Lucía pero esto está super chistoso". you' y dije 'Así menos me paro' porque todo mundo estaba parado", declaró Lucía , quien ese día hasta tuvo que lidiar con el equipo de seguridad de la intérprete de temas ... [Articulo Completo...]

New HIV Vaccine Trial to Start in South Africa

What's tricky about HIV, however, is that when a person is infected with the virus, that same process of developing antibodies isn't triggered. The vaccine was only 31 percent effective and wore off over time. "We have tried at least 14 vaccines and will test a new one next year", he said . Around 5,400 men and women will be enrolled in HVTN 702 and will receive an initial vaccination with ... [Articulo Completo...]

'I Am Bolt' movie offers glimpse into sprinter's racing life

'I Am Bolt' movie offers glimpse into sprinter's racing life People like to say when they see me, like, oh, you do it easily, but that's not the case, so I wanted to show what I went through to get here today. Speaking to the BBC on Monday morning, Bolt said: "It's something that I'm looking into". [Articulo Completo...]

Florence Henderson recalled as 'everybody's mom'; dies at 82

While appearing on " Today " a year ago, Henderson said she didn't "get the memo" that she was supposed to be slowing down with age. Most recently, Henderson hosted her own talk show, The Florence Henderson Show, and cooking show, Who's Cooking with Florence Henderson , on the Retirement Living TV channel. [Articulo Completo...]

Putin gives Russian passport to US actor Steven Seagal

Seagal does however maintain somewhat of a unique status among nations within the Russian sphere of influence, having previously obtained Serbian citizenship after opening a martial arts school a year ago. "Being constantly in touch with your predecessor who is to hand over powers to you in January, we hope that we will be able to establish a constructive dialogue with you as well", Putin said. [Articulo Completo...]

In Greece, Obama tries to reassure North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies

In Greece, Obama tries to reassure North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies Though he rejected a direct comparison between the United States election and Britain's "Brexit" referendum in June to leave the EU, Obama said the common theme of antipathy to globalisation was at play, spurring populist movements on the left and right in Europe. [Articulo Completo...]

Gobierno y FARC firmarán nuevo acuerdo de paz este jueves — Colombia

Gobierno y FARC firmarán nuevo acuerdo de paz este jueves — Colombia Minutos después, Santos confirmó en una alocución televisada que procederá "en esa dirección" debido a que el Congreso es, según él, "la vía más conveniente y legítima para refrendar este nuevo acuerdo". El presidente del Senado, Mauricio Lizcano (Partido Social de Unidad Nacional, de la coalición de Gobierno ), salió al paso de las críticas señalando que para la "refrendación" se citará "a ... [Articulo Completo...]

'Gilmore Girls' Revival: 4 Things That You Should Not Miss

Lastly, it is about those four final words that will be spoken between two characters and will bring the curtains down on the show. Also, Sherman-Palladino, the mastermind of the series, is back to finally end the series from her own voice and vision. [Articulo Completo...]

Trump says he's trying to get Carrier to keep jobs in US

Trump says he's trying to get Carrier to keep jobs in US The decision to move the furnace factory garnered national attention after a worker's cell-phone video of the announcement to employees drew widespread attention on social media, generating criticism of Carrier parent United Technologies Corp. [Articulo Completo...]

The X Factor: Rapper Honey G's stage disrupted by mysterious invaders

She appeared to have captured Cowell's attention as a guilty pleasure act from the start, with him telling her during her first audition: "Please, please just end this". Host Dermot O'Leary said: "Obviously we had a stage invasion, three punks thought they could come on and take on Honey G , but could they?" This has been a completely life-changing experience for me. [Articulo Completo...]

Blac Chyna drops 23lbs after baby

Blac Chyna drops 23lbs after baby Rob Kardashian , 29, absolutely adores his baby mama and wife-to-be, Blac Chyna , 28. They then revealed the gender of their baby on their new reality show Rob & Chyna. In one infamous Snapchat from June, she had casually threatened to "gain 100 lbs. this pregnancy". "So if you are pregnant right now I would highly recommend breastfeeding and breast pumping because it'll get your weight back ... [Articulo Completo...]

'The Walking Dead' tries to give peace a chance

'The Walking Dead' tries to give peace a chance Show-runner Scott Gimple has also nearly confirmed the arrival of the new group, but said that they would not be coming anytime soon. While the settlement itself doesn't quite wow, it's inhabitants do. It's a deceptively meaningful moment-because Tara definitely did see a full armory on her trip. They used to just kill all the whack zombies. In another flashback, it's revealed that Heath d... [Articulo Completo...]

House GOP nominates Ryan for Speaker

House GOP nominates Ryan for Speaker This is a breaking news story, and will be updated. Following Trump's stunning upset victory in the presidential election, the GOP now has full control over the USA government. The runaway budget deficits that became a hallmark of the George W. Bush Administration were a primary factor in the GOP losing control of the House in 2006 for two cycles; and it was in those few years that Obamacare bec... [Articulo Completo...]

Argentina win Davis Cup with thrilling comeback victory over Croatia

This was the first Davis Cup title for Argentina in the fifth final it has played since 1981. Juan Martin del Potro, cheered on by Argentine football legend Diego Maradona, staged an incredible comeback from two sets down to beat Marin Cilic in the opening reverse singles to level the tie at 2-2. [Articulo Completo...]

France's former PM leads conservative primary runoff

France's former PM leads conservative primary runoff Mr Fillon, who is married to a Welsh woman, has enjoyed a boost in the polls in recent weeks. Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French president, was knocked out of the primary race last weekend, dashing his hopes for a comeback bid. Juppe, 71, had similar ideas on the economy, but had tried to rally conservatives around a more tolerant attitude toward France's ethnic, religious and social diversity. [Articulo Completo...]

A los 90 años murió Fidel Castro

El anuncio de la muerte del líder lo realizó su hermano, Raúl Castro , en un mensaje emitido por la televisión estatal. Félix González, de 64 años y quien llegó en 1980 a Miami, portaba una figura creada por él en papel maché de Fidel Castro todo deteriorado. [Articulo Completo...]

Holocaust TV skating routine lands Putin associate in row

Holocaust TV skating routine lands Putin associate in row The wife of Vladimir Putin's spokesman has caused global outrage after performing a holocaust-themed ice skating routine on national television. "And if the youths will now show interest and try to learn about the Holocaust, concentration camps and "The Life is Beautiful" movie, it would mean that we've hit the mark [with our performance]," she added. [Articulo Completo...]

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