Nicole Kidman and Sofia Coppola Team Up for Buzzy 'Beguiled'

Nicole Kidman and Sofia Coppola Team Up for Buzzy 'Beguiled' After being absent from cinemas since 2013's The Bling Ring (Netflix's A Very Murray Christmas notwithstanding), Academy Award Winner Sofia Coppola , writer/director of Lost in Translation and The Virgin Suicides , returns with her latest film based on the novel by Thomas Cullinan . [Articulo Completo...]

Why Celine Dion does not want to date yet

Why Celine Dion does not want to date yet Meanwhile, she says she has recorded with Sia and has begged Adele to join her on her United Kingdom tour later this summer. "[I tell them], 'Papa is not coming back but Papa is in your heart'". The singer's former manager and longtime partner Rene Angelil lost his battle with cancer at the beginning of past year (16), and Celine tells The Sun she is using images of the music mogul to help her t... [Articulo Completo...]

Trend India -Tweets, cleric's fatwa and Sonu Nigam's shaved head

Trend India -Tweets, cleric's fatwa and Sonu Nigam's shaved head Had he done that, he would have followed my other two clauses as well. "If anyone can shave his hair, put a garland of old torn shoes around his neck and tour him around the country I personally announce an award of Rs 10 lakh for that person,"Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi said during a news conference in Kolkata on Tuesday. [Articulo Completo...]

Fashion icons light up NY's Empire State Building

Fashion icons light up NY's Empire State Building Harper's Bazaar covers, including Kendall Jenner's , were projected onto the side of the Empire State Building on Wednesday. And of course, the model's most recent cover was prominently featured. Holding court as hostess was Harper's Bazaar's Editor-in-Chief Glenda Bailey . Harper's Bazaar , since it is obviously him, celebrated last night at the Rainbow Room of NY his 150 years, And some ... [Articulo Completo...]

Runoff in Georgia House race could test Trump, opposition

Runoff in Georgia House race could test Trump, opposition Ossoff has been counting on uniting Democrats in Georgia's special election. Democrats heavily pushed Ossoff before Tuesday's vote, casting the race as a referendum against President Trump in hopes of turning the reliably red district blue. [Articulo Completo...]

United Airlines CEO to visit China after dragged passenger incident

United Airlines CEO to visit China after dragged passenger incident Like an earlier ban that also included Iraqi citizens, it has been blocked from taking effect by U.S. courts. The Dubai-based airline said that it would cut services to five USA cities - Los Angeles, Boston, Orlando, Seattle and Fort Lauderdale - starting from next month. [Articulo Completo...]

You can help name April the giraffe's calf

After being over two months late, internet star April the Giraffe finally gave birth in the month of her name. The baby calf was a male, he is April's fourth calf but the zoo's first one. Five things to know about April and her newborn. This is his first offspring. A Farmington, New Hampshire, songwriter even posted a music video on YouTube called, " I'm Going Crazy Waiting (For A Giraff... [Articulo Completo...]

Judge Blocks Release of Prince EP 'Deliverance'

Judge Blocks Release of Prince EP 'Deliverance' At the hearing, Judge Wilhelmina M. Wright of the United States District court issued a temporary restraining blocking Boxill's efforts to release any of Prince's music and ordered him to "deliver all of the recordings acquired through his work with Paisley Park Enterprises" and return them to the estate, according to The New York Times . [Articulo Completo...]

Trade in the Foreground of Pence Tour

Vice President Mike Pence traveled to the tense zone dividing North and South Korea and warned Pyongyang that after years of testing the U.S. and South Korea with its nuclear ambitions, "the era of strategic patience is over". North Korea will continue to test missiles regularly and any military action against it by the United States would prompt "all out war", a senior North Korean official has ... [Articulo Completo...]

David Letterman replaces Neil Young at Rock Hall show

They were inducted alongside the Electric Light Orchestra ( ELO ) and Journey during a concert in NY. Not only did Snoop Dogg deliver an awesome speech for his late friend ("I'm here to make sure Tupac is remembered the way he [should] to be: A strong black man who stood for his."). [Articulo Completo...]

Mark Hamill says he'd like to play George Lucas in a movie

Mark Hamill says he'd like to play George Lucas in a movie Director Rian Johnson already dropped a hint that the movie's title refers only to a singular Jedi, even though Jedi can refer to both singular and plural amounts of people. The identity of Rey's parents will change depending on who you ask. In another interview with Fandango , Daisy Ridley confirmed that Luke has no idea who Rey is . [Articulo Completo...]

'Captain Marvel' starring Brie Larson hires not one, but two directors

A lot of names had been thrown around for Carol Danvers' solo debut, and I'm not sure anyone in the world had money down on Boden and Fleck . Boden and Fleck previously directed Half Nelson starring Ryan Gosling, the first film to earn the La La Land star an Oscar nomination, and even shifted their focus to television for a bit with The Affair and Billions . [Articulo Completo...]

President's visit 'fruitful': Foreign Affairs Minister of Nepal

President's visit 'fruitful': Foreign Affairs Minister of Nepal Mahat said Bhandari went to the airport when Mukherjee arrived on a state visit to Nepal as Nepal has the tradition of presenting the guard of honour at the airport itself. In monarchical Nepal, public holidays were customarily announced whenever the King embarked on an official visit to any nation or returned home after the visit. [Articulo Completo...]

Loud sex sounds interrupt pro tennis match in Florida

Loud sex sounds interrupt pro tennis match in Florida Preparing to serve midway through the second set, Tiafoe stopped and looked up with childish glee upon hearing sounds that can only mean one thing - some randy lovers were getting it on. Tiafoe yelled in the direction of the condo, "It can't be that good!" drawing more laughter as some from the crowd covered their ears. Tiafoe had a happy ending as he defeated his fellow American Krueger in stra... [Articulo Completo...]

Disney previews upcoming 'authentic' 'Star Wars'-theme parks

Star Wars Celebration came to a close today with one more video teasing the exciting things on the way soon from a galaxy far, far away. "It's a remote frontier outpost somewhere on the edge of wild space, a place for us to discover new stories", continued Trowbridge. [Articulo Completo...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Dishes on why he Passed on Shane Black's 'The Predator'

Arnold Schwarzenegger Dishes on why he Passed on Shane Black's 'The Predator' But he's back at it now, and he says he's up for taking on a role in the spirit of one of his most infamous performances of all time: Mr Freeze in Batman and Robin. As the DCEU progresses, there is a strong chance that other characters, namely villains, will once again be brought to life on the big screen. The Predator stars Boyd Holbrook, Thomas Jane, Alfie Allen , Trevante Rhodes, Sterling ... [Articulo Completo...]

Defence went out the door for City and Glory

El Tuna hopes he can replicate those heroics but with all the pressure in getting something out of this A-League season, he said 2016/17 would be a failure if they fell at the first hurdle. But City responded late, raining down on their western rivals to hold on and set up a tantalising replay of last season's elimination final at the same venue, won 2-0 by City. [Articulo Completo...]

Prince search warrants lay bare struggle with opioids

No prescriptions were found for fentanyl, a powerful drug that is 50 times stronger than heroin. Several weeks after his death the Midwest Medical Examiner's Office in Minnesota ruled Prince's death an "accidental overdose of fentanyl". The day before Prince died, Paisley Park staffers contacted the California addiction specialist as they were trying to get Prince help. Prince apparently... [Articulo Completo...]

Morgan Stanley posts 1Q profit

Morgan Stanley posts 1Q profit Also, Chairman James P. Gorman sold 284,827 shares of the company's stock in a transaction on Thursday, January 19th. Morgan Stanley's shares were up about 2 per cent at US$42 (RM182) in premarket trading today. The company reported $18.16 billion in revenue in the first quarter, below the $18.4 billion expected by analysts polled by FactSet. On Tuesday, Goldman Sachs reported first-quart... [Articulo Completo...]

The Last Jedi presenta su primer tráiler — Star Wars

En el adelanto también se vieron a los personajes Finn y Poe Dameron, así como varias escenas de impactantes luchas y persecuciones espaciales. La octava entrega de La guerra de las galaxias dará además la bienvenida a nuevos actores como el puertorriqueño Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern y Kelly Marie Tran , en papeles que todavía no han sido revelados. [Articulo Completo...]

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