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Trump anunciará a candidato a vicepresidencia el viernes

La oficina de campaña de Trump no respondió de inmediato a las preguntas sobre la salida de Tebow de un programa de la convención que el equipo del empresario neoyorquino había presumido desde hace tiempo como un despliegue extraordinario de entretenimiento político. [Articulo Completo...]

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Outsold By Samsung as iPhone Sales Decline

Samsung is also planning to launch a new flagship smartphone in the near future and will reportedly release its next-gen Galaxy Note 7 on the day it unveils the device. "Second, the Galaxy Note7 will minimize confusion about the latest mobile technology from Samsung , and provide full alignment with Galaxy S smartphone". [Articulo Completo...]

Samsung Galaxy S7 Lacking The Love Of Its Elder Giant Sibling

Samsung Galaxy S7 Lacking The Love Of Its Elder Giant Sibling With only two weeks left before the event, new details have surfaced regarding the phone's pricing including other related updates on its rumored specs and features. "There are a couple reasons why", the company stated, as cited by IB Times . Samsung's Galaxy S7/S7 edge have just outdone Apple iPhone 6s/6s Plus sales in the U.S. [Articulo Completo...]

Pokémon GO aiming for rollout to 200 markets soon

Pokémon GO aiming for rollout to 200 markets soon As Pokemon GO Trading is introduced into the system, it won't be long before players are collecting, training, and battling as well on a global scale. Of course, there are some indications like rustling leaves that indicate that there's a Pokemon around. While the game itself is free, players can purchase PokeCoins, the in-game currency of " Pokemon Go ", which then can be exchanged for ... [Articulo Completo...]

Pokémon GO beats Candy Crush

Within 24 hours, the widely popular game reached number 1 on App Store, beating out indie hit and Supercell's heavily promoted blockbuster Clash Royale to become the biggest game of 2016, according to the post. This has resulted in a positive bump in Nintendo's share value, with tech pundits already proclaiming the new app as a game changer. At its current rate of growth, Pokemon GO ... [Articulo Completo...]

Por fin llega a España Pokémon Go

Hay personas persiguiendo Pikachus y Bulbasaures en un hospital de Ámsterdam, desafíos de Pokémon en Sídney, jóvenes que se arriesgan a meterse en áreas privadas en Estados Unidos: la fiebre de Pokémon Go, el juego de realidad aumentada que permite capturar a esas criaturas virtuales, invade el mundo. [Articulo Completo...]

Guy Quits Job To Play Pokemon Go Full Time

Guy Quits Job To Play Pokemon Go Full Time Two men in San Diego fell off a cliff this week while playing the game. A dead body was discovered while someone was playing Pokemon. It's enough to make you think someone would soon quit their job just so they could chase after Pokemon with every spare minute of the day. [Articulo Completo...]

Pokemon Go Knockoff 'City Spirit Go' Tops Charts in China

Pokemon Go Knockoff 'City Spirit Go' Tops Charts in China It immediately went viral, drawing more daily users than the Twitter microblogging service. Nintendo plans to launch wearable devices that help players of the game, but how far will they go in supplementing earnings from "Pokemon Go"? Speaking with Business Insider he confirmed that the worldwide rollout for the game has been "paused until we're comfortable". [Articulo Completo...]

Nasa releases first image of Juno orbit of Jupiter

Nasa releases first image of Juno orbit of Jupiter An image shows the planet surrounded by three of its four largest moons - Io, Europa and Ganymede. NASA has released the first image from their Juno spacecraft after last week's Jupiter orbital insertion maneuver, and it gives us just a taste of what's in store from this fantastic mission. [Articulo Completo...]

Trump on Twitter: I've chosen Mike Pence as running mate

The Associated Press reports that others on Trump's shortlist included New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Pence, who backed Sen. New Hampshire delegates to the Republican National Convention next week in Cleveland expressed interest in Pence, based in part on his experience, but they were waiting for Trump to make it official. [Articulo Completo...]

Developer of Nintendo's Pokemon GO aiming for rollout to 200 markets soon

Now, the head of the designing team of Nintendo Co Ltd's Pokemon Go has confirmed that he is going to release the raving sensation of this stirring game in around 200 nations and markets very soon and was working on the supporting server ability to empower the most extensive rollout of the game. [Articulo Completo...]

Donald Trump and Mike Pence

Donald Trump and Mike Pence He also comes from a state that Democrats won in 2008 and, perhaps most crucially, provides a bridge to socially conservative Republicans who have been put off by Trump's bombast and ideological leanings. He flew into Indianapolis Wednesday to meet with Trump at the Conrad Hotel. "It's down to three", the younger Trump said. Both men have been political mavericks. [Articulo Completo...]

Tesla won't disable Autopilot despite pending crash investigations, plans blog post instead

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sent Tesla Motors Inc. a detailed list of questions regarding its Autopilot feature and a May 7 fatal crash in Florida in which the system was in use. And last week , the company reported lower-than-expected sales numbers. Apparently, it involves a blog post . Transportation safety regulators, as well as manufacturers, have to fig... [Articulo Completo...]

'Mr. Robot' season 2 spoilers: New characters introduced; more personas of Elliot?

'Mr. Robot' season 2 spoilers: New characters introduced; more personas of Elliot? There are three days he can't account for, when another side of his personality apparently took completely over. Every episode of Mr. Robot season 1 is streaming now on Presto. But more troubling is that the two had a conversation during a night Elliot can't remember. " Mr. Robot " doesn't advance the ball very far in the two-part opening (which will air with limited commercials), which inco... [Articulo Completo...]

IPhone 7 appears in new video

IPhone 7 appears in new video It would make sense for Apple to add a new color to the iPhone 7 , though. There are many rumors surrounding the new iPhone 7 , but this video is the best evidence we have of what we'll be getting in early September. This includes amendments to the antenna line design, an overhaul of the rear camera and improvements to the internals of the device, including a faster A10 processor, water re... [Articulo Completo...]

Poll results: Pokémon Go is polarizing

Millions of people seem to be playing the game from iOS and Android smartphone apps. 'I caught 6 Pokemon on my run today so safe to say I had an efficient work out, ' one user wrote. A 19-year-old girl in Wyoming discovered a dead body within hours of the game's release. Using Google Maps, the app creates a world that mirrors the user's own reality. [Articulo Completo...]

Egypt foreign minister meets Israel PM in rare visit

Al-Sisi said then there's a "real chance" for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, with the mediation of Arab states - led by Egypt - and based on the 2002 Saudi Peace Initiative. The statement described the media reports on the case as "inaccurate, to say the least", but said Mandelblit could not comment further at this stage. [Articulo Completo...]

No China For Ghostbusters Reboot

No China For Ghostbusters Reboot Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was also banned in 2006. The original Bill Murray-starring 1984 classic, which never screened theatrically in China, was translated as "捉鬼敢死队", five characters literally meaning " Ghost Catcher Dare Die Team ". [Articulo Completo...]

Microscopic Van Gogh replica created using folded DNA

Microscopic Van Gogh replica created using folded DNA The technique allows experts to fold a long strand of DNA and turn them into any shape. Once a genetic string is wrapped into a precise shape, scientists can use it as a scaffold to attach nanometer-scale components like carbon nanotubes or drugs. [Articulo Completo...]

Classic Nintendo Entertainment System returning to stores

Unlike the original system, the NES Classic Edition comes bundled with an HDMI cable, as well as the "NES Classic Controller", which is created to mimic the look and feel of the original rectangular two-button design. Hits such as Super Mario Bros . 1-3, TECMO BOWL , The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link . For first time Nintendo fans or later bloomers, there is also likel... [Articulo Completo...]

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