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Pokemon Go Accounts Being Bought and Sold for as Much as $350

Pokemon Go Accounts Being Bought and Sold for as Much as $350 Most of the players buying these accounts are those that live in remote areas where there are not many Pokemons. For instance, there is a level 14 account that is being offered for $100 , and another level 15 account for $100 again . The sales of game accounts aren't anything new to the world, as World of Warcraft and Clash of Clans have developed lucrative markets of their own over the years, but... [Articulo Completo...]

Playing Pokemon Go has health benefits too

Playing Pokemon Go has health benefits too The game. also developed by Niantic , maps virtually 1:1 with Pokemon Go's Gyms and Pokestops. PokeStops can be found at the Douglas Romey Monument and the Central Park Garden Arbor. As a result, players don't have to walk miles looking for Pokemon . While it might just be a few dollars off for them, it spreads your brand online. [Articulo Completo...]

Sony Xperia M5 Gets Android Marshmallow

Sony Xperia M5 Gets Android Marshmallow To install the update, users need to make sure that their device is sufficiently charged to avoid interruptions in the case there are black outs in the middle of the update process. Starting from today, Galaxy Note 5 of the AT&T carrier should wait for an update on the firmware. More news about when Xperia Z devices may receive the Android Nougat update should be made available in the near futur... [Articulo Completo...]

Beijing to hold South China Sea war games after ruling

The rally was organized by No-U, a Hanoi group that opposes China's expansive claims in the South China Sea . The Philippine government disagrees and has support from other countries bordering the sea and equally exposed to Chinese claims, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan and Vietnam. [Articulo Completo...]

US, China Navy chiefs set for fresh talks on South China Sea

China's Maritime Safety Administration said that an area southeast of the southern island province of Hainan would be closed from Monday to Thursday to allow for the military exercises. "If our security is being threatened, of course we have the right to demarcate a zone". China expectedly has rejected the decision and says that India is on the same page, quoting a "common position" statement... [Articulo Completo...]

Pokemon Go Clones Are Plaguing The World

Though the game "Pokemon Go' yet has not launched in India, yet Google Play Store seem to have this on its gaming platform, which is actually a trick". While Pokemon Go's staying power is yet to be determined, there's no denying that the game is dominant in the present, and has left all other games in the rearview mirror. [Articulo Completo...]

Vietnam says Chinese reports of PM backing Beijing stance 'untruthful'

China has announced it is closing off part of the South China Sea for military exercises, the week after an global tribunal ruled against its territorial claims in the area. Australia would be unwise to conduct a very provocative freedom of navigation exercise in the South China Sea , an adviser to China's government says. [Articulo Completo...]

Sonic booms from SpaceX rocket prompt 911 calls

Sonic booms from SpaceX rocket prompt 911 calls According to Hans Koenigsmann, SpaceX's vice president for mission assurance, SpaceX is intending to launch one of it recovered rockets as early as autumn this year. The successful July 17 mission was SpaceX's ninth cargo resupply mission for NASA , and the eighth one to make it to orbit. The Dragon capsule that sat on top of the Falcon 9 safely made it into Earth orbit at around 1AM ET. [Articulo Completo...]

Más de 7.500 detenidos y 9.000 despedidos tras golpe fallido — Turquía

El clérigo musulmán moderado que reside en Estados Unidos y que es acusado por el presidente turco por el fallido golpe de estado, rechazó rotundamente cualquier responsabilidad en los disturbios y desconoce quién pudo ser el culpable. Entre ellos figura el comandante del Tercer Ejército, el general Erdal Ozturk, anunció un funcionario turco. Turquía pidió a Grecia la extradición de ocho golp... [Articulo Completo...]

Matt Damon is Dashing On GQ's August 2016 Cover

With Matt Damon gracing the cover of GQ's August issue, the magazine turned to the actor's celebrity pals - including George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Tina Fey, Ben Affleck, Martin Scorsese and others - to share their impressions of the "Bourne Identity" star. [Articulo Completo...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with iris scanner, curved edges in August unveiling

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with iris scanner, curved edges in August unveiling The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to feature an iris scanner for higher security. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the most anticipated device of 2016 as it will be competing with the next Apple iPhone 7 Plus that will be launching in September 2016. [Articulo Completo...]

Success of Pokemon GO adds impetus for change at Nintendo

Success of Pokemon GO adds impetus for change at Nintendo Yes, it is by far the most addictive game that has been released, probably in the history of either app store. Mobile applications have been believed to affect health adversely, what do experts have to say about Pokemon Go? Pokemon Go uses Google's maps and places Pokemon in their "Natural" environment. [Articulo Completo...]

Ghostbusters Movie Review -- Is It A Hit Or A Miss?

The studio projected a more conservative $38 million to $40 million. I think it is great that this film has strong women characters, which is rarely seen. The Legend of Tarzan took third place as it continues to have a steady audience. There was a film released at the beginning of the month known as Swiss Army Man that is weird, but at least it is different. [Articulo Completo...]

Could this leaked Sony Xperia phone challenge the Android big boys?

Could this leaked Sony Xperia phone challenge the Android big boys? Just a week ago, we told you about a new smartphone from Sony that passed through the Benchmark listings. The smartphone would come with a 5.1-inch display with 1080p resolution and run Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. Sony introduced Xperia X range of smart phones during MWC earlier this year. The rear camera is said to have dual-LED flash bulbs and both the front and rear cameras allegedly support 4... [Articulo Completo...]

Thrawn to make grand appearance in 'Star Wars Rebels'

Thrawn to make grand appearance in 'Star Wars Rebels' Just a couple days ago players were debating who we'd see as the two new heroes released with Star Wars Battlefront's upcoming " Death Star " DLC. The 2008 animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars , which launched the TV show of the same name and earned more than $68 million at the box office worldwide, also featured no opening crawl. [Articulo Completo...]

Aumenta a siete, cifra de detenidos por atentado de Niza

Además, en los días inmediatamente anteriores al ataque, Bouhlel fue grabado dos veces por cámaras de seguridad ensayando el trayecto que repetiría el 14 de julio, señaló Molins. Descrito como un personaje introvertido hasta la mala educación, mujeriego, que no acudía a la mezquita ni respetaba los preceptos del islam , Boulhel entró en contacto con círculos radicales que le captaron de forma ráp... [Articulo Completo...]

The game has affected the world both positively and negatively — Pokémon GO

The game has affected the world both positively and negatively — Pokémon GO In the course of a week, Pokémon Go has taken over the world. Users walk to various Pokestops to collect potions, eggs, and pokeballs. Gym prestige is a pretty big deal in the Pokémon Go universe, and there's nothing more frustrating than stupid Team Valor stealing a gym away from your team (go Team Mystic!). [Articulo Completo...]

Pokemon Go beats Facebook and Twitter in popularity

Pokemon Go beats Facebook and Twitter in popularity Nintendo owns a minority stake in Pokémon Go developer Niantic through various vehicles, and SurveyMonkey said it will pocket just a small slice of the game's profits. At present Pokémon Go is officially available exclusively in the US, Australia and New Zealand. And, the augmented-reality game will also pass Google Maps active daily users on Android. [Articulo Completo...]

Pokemon GO success may push Nintendo to change strategy

According to IGN France , The Pokemon Company said that Pokemon Go has been delayed in the country as a sign of respect for the French people in light of the recent tragedy that struck the country. For those wanting to share their fun with other avid fans, a Pokemon Go Canadian Release Party has been announced on Facebook taking place this evening, Monday July 18 at 8:00 pm at the CN Tower. [Articulo Completo...]

SpaceX launches ninth cargo flight to ISS

SpaceX launches ninth cargo flight to ISS This is the seventh time SpaceX have completed their main mission goal this year and the first time since December 2015 that the company has landed a rocket on the ground, preferring to bring their last three successful landings home onto drone-ships at sea. [Articulo Completo...]

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