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Los memes que dejó el empate entre América y Tigres

Algunos comentaristas ya prevenían que Bruno Valdez no tuviera castigo tras la petición de los Tigres, pues saben que las Águilas tienen en su dueño, a un poderoso aliado. Esta mañana en un hospital de Nuevo León , el delantero de los Tigres , André-Pierre Gignac fue sometido a una resonancia magnética, de la cual, los resultados aún no han dado a conocer de manera pública. [Articulo Completo...]

"Cooperación cubana fortalecerá capacitación técnica agroalimentaria": Canciller Venezuela

De igual forma, anunció la conjugación del Plan de Desarrollo Económico de Cuba y la Agenda Económica Bolivariana para impulsar mancomunadamente proyectos de turismo, minería e industrias básicas. "Estamos abordando y desarrollando unas que no tienen tanto tiempo, como la agricultura urbana pero que ya empieza a mostrar excelentes resultados", subrayó Rodríguez . [Articulo Completo...]

API hopeful Trump will overturn Obama's offshore drilling ban

API hopeful Trump will overturn Obama's offshore drilling ban Taken together those areas represent more than 80 percent of the total U.S. Arctic offshore energy potential - an estimated 24 billion barrels of oil and 104 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. 31, 2016. He said that the USA instead should be a global energy leader. Shell Oil ended its quest to explore in harsh Arctic waters in 2015, after a vessel it was using suffered a gash and environmentali... [Articulo Completo...]

Honda looks to Google spinoff Waymo for self-driving cars

Honda looks to Google spinoff Waymo for self-driving cars It was reported that Honda is negotiating on a collaboration deal with Waymo and its intentions are for the development of an unrivalled autonomous system. The autonomous Hondas would join Waymo's fleet, which includes the bubble-shaped prototypes, Lexus SUVs and the recently added Chrysler Pacifica minivans. [Articulo Completo...]

Las cuentas de Netflix, Marvel y Avengers fueron hackeadas en Twitter

Los mensajes fueron borrados en ambas cuentas , que parecen haber vuelto a la normalidad. En su perfil de Twitter , el servicio de televisión por streaming se disculpó por su breve " viaje al otro lado ", en referencia al universo paralelo en la serie Stranger Things. [Articulo Completo...]

The Earth's core has a 'jet stream' of molten iron

As per research extracts published by Times of India , the researchers found out that the reason behind the jet stream is because of liquid squeezing out sideways along the boundaries of two regions. "Jet Stream", which usually gives the impression of a powerful wind circling earth has emerged in a new structure, with more intensity and hazard. In an online academic edition of " Nature Geoscien... [Articulo Completo...]

Google lanzará dos smartwatches con Android Wear 2.0 a principios de 2017

Ambos dispositivos serán los primeros en integrar el sistema Android Wear 2.0, pero no llevarán el nombre de Google o Pixel; en cambio, tendrán la marca de las compañías que con las que Google se asoció para fabricarlos, los cuales aún no han sido presentados . [Articulo Completo...]

LG Najeeb Jung quits, had tumultuous ties with AAP government

LG Najeeb Jung quits, had tumultuous ties with AAP government And who knows it better than Twitteratis! Congress has called his exit unceremonious even as Congress leader Ajay Maken asked, "Was he removed to bring someone who is close to RSS?" Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia tweeted, "Outgoing LG did "very good work" in the capital despite their bitter turf war". [Articulo Completo...]

DC subway working on fare card holders with Trump's image

DC subway working on fare card holders with Trump's image Metro's commemorative SmarTrip fare cards for next month's presidential inauguration went on sale Wednesday. The passes cost $10 and are good for unlimited rides on Inauguration Day, which is January 20. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority acknowledged to WTop that the real estate mogul is absent from the cards but blamed his campaign for failing to approve a photo of Trump. [Articulo Completo...]

Vivendi defies Italian concerns to raise Mediaset stake further

Vivendi defies Italian concerns to raise Mediaset stake further In just a week, Vivendi has revealed that it rapidly assembled a 25.75% stake (26.77% of voting rights) in the Italian firm. 11 of the Consolidated Law concerning audio-visual and radio services, as well as posing a potential obstacle to Mediaset's development strategies as a result of the cross-ownership overlap Italy's telco incumbent, Telecom, determined by Vivendi's actions. [Articulo Completo...]

Audi previews Detroit-bound Q8 concept

Audi previews Detroit-bound Q8 concept The Q8 takes the form of a large, stylish SUV with a coupe-like roof line. "With this move, the brand is unlocking a new segment for the full-size category". Anyways, the two official renders accompanied a German media interview of Audi's chief designer Marc Lichte. It elevates Audi's design language to new heights by adopting styling cues such as a grille that's wider than the one found on the co... [Articulo Completo...]

Nevó en el desierto del Sahara — Increíble

Nevó en el desierto del Sahara — Increíble La esposa de Karim asegura que los habitantes del pueblo estaban "atónitos" al ver la nieve caer, ya que es un hecho muy raro. De acuerdo con el medio la última vez que se registró este fenómeno, en la zona, fue en febrero de 1979 , cuando una tormenta de nieve , que duró poco más de media hora, sorprendió a los residentes. [Articulo Completo...]

Mira el primer avance de "The emoji movie" — YouTube

Tal y como explica la descripción del video de YouTube, la trama de la película se ambienta dentro del mundo de los smartphones en la aplicación de mensajería conocida como Textopolis . Bueno, Hollywood decidió que sí, entonces The Emoji Movie es una realidad. El es el encargado de interpretar a Mel Meh, el padre del protagonista de la historia, Gen , cuya voz pone T. [Articulo Completo...]

BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) Announces Opening Of Self-Driving Car Research Center

Though known for its mobile phones with keyboards, BlackBerry has a decadelong history of providing software to the automotive industry. BlackBerry has announced its new QNX Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Center, AVIC for short. BlackBerry QNX is extending its platform expertise into ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems), CVAV (Connected Vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle) systems and secure Over... [Articulo Completo...]

Mark Zuckerberg created Iron Man's Jarvis in his spare time

Mark Zuckerberg created Iron Man's Jarvis in his spare time Almost a year ago, the Facebook CEO said he planned to build an AI system as one of the personal growth challenges he gives himself each year. The platform looks like a fairly capable voice-powered command center for the home in the video, but it's also clearly heavily produced. [Articulo Completo...]

Irish musicians help seize disused office block in Dublin to rehouse homeless

Irish musicians help seize disused office block in Dublin to rehouse homeless Their barrister told the court there were serious health and safety concerns as the building was not suitable for residential use and now has no fire insurance cover. We'll be asking people to volunteer , we'll be asking people to get behind the idea. Over the weekend, Apollo House has been inundated by donations of bags overflowing with tinned foods, pillows, duvets and clothing along with ite... [Articulo Completo...]

Man captures video of killer whales eating shark

A group of rarely seen type of killer whale was captured on video off the coast of California killing and eating a shark. The stunning aerial footage includes at least 25 whales, including a couple calves, as they feed on a sevengill shark . [Articulo Completo...]

Sun-like star ate some of its planets

Sun-like star ate some of its planets Since then, astronomers have found more than two thousand exoplanets, but studying stars that are similar to our sun commonly referred to as solar twins and their connections to their planets is rare. More systems will have to be studied to determine how common it is for stars to eventually swallow planets that orbit them. The scientists found evidence of this cosmic crime by examining the lithi... [Articulo Completo...]

Ghost Shark sighted for the first time 0

The video was recorded by Moss Landing-based MBARI seven years ago, and went viral when it was recently released for the first time. Also known as chimaeras , the creatures are related to sharks and rays. In order to confirm its identity, researchers require a DNA sample from actual specimens and then they will compare it with other known species. Most remarkably perhaps, they have a retracta... [Articulo Completo...]

Three injured in shooting at Islamic centre in Zurich

He was wearing dark clothing and a dark wool cap, they said. According to the report, it is now not known whether the shooting stands in connection with the Islamic center. Police were seen standing near the entrance of a building, where the Islamic centre and several businesses are registered. Police cordoned off the area around the crime scene in central Zurich. [Articulo Completo...]

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